Are Business Coaching Expenses Tax-Deductible?

When it comes to tax deductions, the question of whether business coaching expenses are deductible is a common one. The answer depends on the type of coaching you receive. If your coach is solely focused on business matters, then the entire fee is tax-deductible. However, if your coach is a life coach who advises you on both business and personal matters, only the business portion of your fee will be deductible.

Training programs that provide vital advice, business consulting, and mentoring are all perfectly suited to be tax-deductible. These are teaching and training resources that help you grow your business and become a better business owner. If you're looking to hire a coach, make sure they provide traditional training services as well as training and consulting services that are tax-deductible. When filing your taxes, you'll need to report the cost of training in the self-employment section of your return.

This will depend on the type of training you have booked and how the rules work. Hiring a life coach may not be considered a tax-deductible expense because the Australian Tax Office (ATO) may not consider life counseling as directly affecting a company or contributing to business growth. To be eligible for deductions, expenses must be classified as “accounting, legal and other fees” or “other allowable business expenses”. Communication is an important area for many small business owners and professionals, so it's important to keep track of what you claim and how you calculated it as part of your business records.

If your company's turnover exceeds 85,000 pounds sterling, you'll need to enter a breakdown of your expenses in the boxes set by HMRC and include any work clothes. If you're looking to hire a personal or professional trainer, the ATO may not consider it a work-related expense and you may not be able to claim them as deductions. However, if you purchase business advice and consulting for your RTO, you can request a deduction for the full price.

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